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SDCC Resin Review – DKE offerings Part 2

This is a continuation of the “Bootleg” style resin figures being offered at the DKE booth during 2014 Comic Con. Let’s start with….. Falcon Toys BUTT-FACE IN SPACE This figure sort of confuses me. I can’t really tell if I … Continue reading

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SDCC Resin Review – DKE Toys offerings Edition PART 1

Hi All – Been out for a while. Sorry.  Truth is, I got a major major flare up of Carpal Tunnel and couldn’t even type for about 10 days.  For my return to blogging, Im going to review several figures … Continue reading

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The Future Of This Blog

Hi All I have gotten a few posts in – The “warm up” period.  Now that I am “in it” a little, I am going to sort of start “refining” how it works going forward. For one, I am going … Continue reading

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Xanthos By The Sucklord

Xanthos – Suppressor Of Inspiration is the latest creation by The Sucklord. Anyone who is reading this blog is familiar with who Sucklord is, and why he is so important to the resin bootleg movement, so I am not going … Continue reading

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They Live by Falcon Toys

They Live is probably one of my favorite Carpenter films. It ranks behind Halloween and The Thing, but I happen to like it more than Escape From New York. Today I am going to review the THEY LIVE tribute from … Continue reading

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Batman ’89 Joker by Healeymade

David Healey is widely considered to be one of the fathers of the modern resin movement.  He and Sucklord were the Yin and Yang of the resin scene for years, while Sucklord took the avenue of “Shitty, but you will … Continue reading

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Cyborg Junkies by Broken Pigeon / AWOL One

This latest release from Broken Pigeon is interesting to me.  The “Cyborg Junkie” character isn’t new – In fact Broken Pigeon and I were both in the “Toys Are Us” show over a year ago, and he displayed a version … Continue reading

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