Who Is This Guy?

Who is this guy and why does he think his opinion matters?

Good Questions! As for the “who..”

I have been a “mass market” and “specialty” toy collector for years. I am also an artist with 13 years experience in the visual effects for feature film industry, as well as 4 years of experience as a sculptor and art director in the toy / collectible industry. I started this blog because I wanted a place where I could post my thoughts about the “artistic merit” of toy releases that were branded under the vague but widely used “Art Toy” moniker.

Why do I think my opinion matters?

Honestly, I’m just another toy collector. I have my own tastes, and in the end, this is all my opinion. As for my “qualifications” to give critique…  I have 2 bachelors degrees in Art related fields (Film Production and 3D art), I have taken countless art, design, and art history courses through high school and college, and I have real world experience as an artist and art director in the toy industry. I also have collaborated with toy artists such as Killer Bootlegs, The Sucklord, Randy Regier, and Brandon Barker.

All that aside though, the best lessons I received on how to give and take critique came from the film industry. In the industry, we have “dailies,” which is where the VFX supervisor looks at your work in a room with all the other artists on a film.  He points out mistakes, or things he wants changed, or he says “This is great” and moves on.  Sounds simple right?  Well, sometimes you can spend DAYS on shots, and really put your heart into them, only to have them torn apart in front of all your peers. Sounds mean? Not really. Nothing is personal. And in time you learn not to take it personally. 13 years of this, and you learn to appreciate critique not as an “attack,” but as a way to analyse your own work from a different set of eyes.

I notice in the Toy Art world, there seems to really be only 2 groups: “Fanboys” and “haters.”  Say you don’t like an established artists piece, and you’re a hater. And really, how much do you think an artist grows with 60 Instagram comments like “This rules” or “You are amazing.”

This blog is going to be my place to look at pieces and give my honest artistic input. sometimes it will be complimentary, sometimes it won’t be. BUT, it will never be “mean” or “personal.”

I leave this page with my favorite quote about getting your artwork critiqued:
“If you want someone to tell you how great your art is, show it to your mom.”