Nobody Likes Leonardo by Richt X Goodleg Toys

Since my first post was a figure that I love, I thought – conversely – I should review a figure that I have a few issues with – Goodleg Toys X Richt “Nobody Likes Leonardo”tumblr_n7043sMbKx1qzrtvao2_500

There is a widely used – I’m going to call it ‘example’ – by the resin bootleg scene nay-sayers that “You can’t just take a ninja turtle head, stick it on a He-Man body, cast it in clear and call it art.”


I know that this isn’t EXACTLY what this figure is – But it’s very close. The figure SCREAMS “I’m a ninja turtle and I’m a He-Man.”  There could have been other ways to approach this, even by keeping the turtle head.  A different body could have been chosen (In the inspiration they are wearing jeans and hoodies) or there could have been sculpted accents onto the face, like the upturned nose.

(Original inspiration below)



Also, there are NO paint apps. Which I don’t get, because even in the original image, the all-green turtles STILL had colored masks.  If it’s supposed to be Leonardo, why not paint the mask blue?  One, simple paint application would have helped so much.

That’s not saying I don’t like a few things. One is that it has 4 points of articulation. Bravo! I like it when “resin toys” can actually be “used” as toys, and have some movement to them. Also, aside from minor mold lines, the casting seems pretty good.

This piece just seems lazy to me. There was no effort made to make it resemble to source material, and overall it feels really uninspired.

Goodleg toys does some work that I do enjoy (Mostly He-Man inspired) like their War On Prehist figures.  This one though just really falls flat. A little more effort in the planning and production could have made this a rad toy.

Before I end I should talk about the card back. The art on that is cool. I like the stylized turtles, and the figure placement over the manhole looks like it is a properly carded figure.



That’s all for now, folks!

Info on Goodleg Toys

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