Space Pirate by Killer Bootlegs

I thought my first post on this blog should be something I really like – And I didn’t have to look very far.


If you follow him on Instagram (@killerbootlegs) you know that Peter “Killer Bootlegs” Goral has been producing a line of one of “Space Pirates.” Each one is different, and they were essentially sold blind. Looking over the line, I think all the buyers will be very pleased.

One I particularly like is this one. He (she?) doesn’t have a specific name, but there is just so much going right with this figure.  To me, the key to successful “bootlegging” is creating a new toy that not only cold exist, but doesn’t “scream” certain toy likes at you. I dont know where most of these pieces originated, and the ones I do recognize aren’t there to help sell the figure through recognition (ie: Putting a Boba Fett head on something so Fett fans buy it) Also, Killer has cannibalized some very rare figures for this line – This one not being an exception.

Why I like this figure:

The proportions of the pieces are really nice. You can tell this was thought out. I could see this being designed as part of some obscure 80’s toy line. It “fits together” nicely.

The paint is fantastic, in color choice and execution. I don’t see any stray brush strokes or overspray.

Awesome choice for the head. A perfect example of a great figure head that – as far as I know – has never been used before in the resin bootleg Scene.

The cape – a great throwback to the 80’s.



Killer is known for his screen printed plexi cardbacks. These are works of art themselves, and stuff like this is one of the main things that makes me a fan of his.  Killer tries to push boundaries in the resin bootleg game. His last few releases always top the previous, whether it is telescoping lightsabers, numerous paint apps, crazy figure line choices, etc.  This cardback would look cool on a wall even if a figure wasnt attached to it.

Overall, I think this is a good example of what new artists on the scene should look at and think to themselves “THIS is what is out there, and THIS is what I will be competing against. Time to step up my game.”

Find Killer Bootlegs HERE


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